Hello Vabulous Ladies,

Its Valentine’s weekend and time to remind yourself of just how Vantastic you really are. I know that may not be the proper spelling, but phonetically, it works.  I wanted you to have a special gift this weekend.  From my to heart to yours.

You are Vital – Absolutely essential, indispensable, and all-important.

You are Vigorous – Strong, healthy, and full of energy.

You are Vivacious – Lively, spirited, sparkling, and happy.

You are Vibrant – Striking, brilliant, rich, colorful, and bold.

You are Valuable  –  Of great worth.

You are full of Valor – Courageous!       You are Victorious – Triumphant!

You are one of a kind.  You are irreplaceable.   You are admirable.

You are remarkable. You are beautiful.  You are just the right size.

You have mesmerizing eyes.  You have perfect hair.You are impeccable.

You are desirable.  You are flawless.  You are wise.


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