7 Courageous People                  7 Traumatic Experiences                    7 Survivors

Have you ever wondered what causes someone to triumph over unimaginable circumstances?

Have you ever wondered how you should have responded? What you should have said or done?

VALOR 2 VICTORY unites the victor, the how-they-did-it factor, and the part you can play in helping them. Each book chronicles a traumatizing event that catapults the person from victim to victor.

Most of us have the proclivity to survive but most of us will never encounter a situation to discover just how we would do that.

Join me as I delve into the lives of person after person as they share detailed and often harrowing accounts of traumatic experiences.

At the end of their story each person answers three questions:

  1. What did someone/people do that helped you?
  2. What did someone/people do that disappointed you?
  3. What could someone/people have done that would have made a distance?

Each is comprised of six stories. I know it says there are 7 courageous people and that’s the truth because we reserved the seventh chapter just for you. Write your own story of victory. You may find it cathartic. You might even choose to share it. If so, please click on our Submit Your Story tab and follow the instructions. We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s a lot more comforting having you on this voyage.

Thank you