My life journey has been filled with twists and turns creating a tapestry which makes me, uniquely me.  In response to a major interruption altering my life trajectory, a traumatic experience, a newfound passion was birthed.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but you can read all about it in my series, VALOR 2 VICTORY Removing the Drama from Your Trauma.

I look forward to expanding this series by sharing stories of courageous people and learning how we can help those currently in a traumatic moment and those scared from wounds of yesteryears.  My aspiration is to reveal a glimpse beneath the smiles of those who appear alive and well, to reach beyond the common, “Call me if you need me” comments to provide practical solutions.  Now that I have completed my graduate degree, with a 4.0 GPA I might add, and the world is adjusting to a new normal, it is time for Valor 2 Victory to get busy.  We are developing podcasts, blogs, curriculum, and of course more books.  Stay tuned! 

There is a coexisting, more significant, factor in my life as well.  Rev. Vivica is part of the ministerial team at SBC church in Santa Ana, California.  My ordination on February 11, 2018, created a space for me to operate in my calling.  I love sharing God’s Word with His people whether preaching, teaching, or in written format, as long as it glories God, I’m good.  Overseeing our Connect Team and Missions, positions me to do what I love, serve.  

 Here’s a little about how it all started…

Growing up in Los Angeles and moving frequently seemed like a disadvantage.  You know, being the new girl, making new friends over and over.  Having the teachers love me and the children calling me the teacher’s pet wasn’t always easy. In retrospect, it prepared me to explore the world on my own.  Today, I am comfortable in new environments, getting to meet new people, hearing their stories, and sharing a few of my own.  

“Never leave the room a stranger.” 

 In elementary school, even though I was the new girl, it never derailed me from participating in activities.  I earned good grades and was always a social butterfly.  Although, my teachers said it differently; “She’s smart, but she talks too much.”  Anyway, by the time I entered high school, teachers would often suggest I consider a career in journalism.  It didn’t seem all that exciting at the time.  As the years passed, I found myself getting more involved in creative works.  I love public speaking, writing, and sharing the truth.  Oh my goodness, isn’t that a component of journalism?  Maybe they were right!  

“My journey has had a few significant place marks where I believe God intervened.”  

After a long and serious illness in 1992 caused me to be hospitalized for several weeks and off from work for the next few years, I had the opportunity to reflect upon my life.  I knew I wanted to make significant changes. I found a new church home and volunteered in Children’s Church. I discovered I have the passion and gifting for working with children.  It was as the Children’s Ministry Director, where I first had the opportunity to write curriculum, and plays and create praise dances.  Then, after earning a degree in Biblical Studies in 2003, The Good Book series featuring Bmally® the Golden Lamb for God was birthed.  It has been commended by pastors, teachers and parents. Together, we have taught across the globe. Realizing the need to grow and enhance Children’s Church, she began offering an annual Children’s Ministry Leaders Conference.  Ms. Vivica served as Chairperson for Child Evangelism of Greater Long Beach for six years.  

PRAZEUP INC., publishing corporation was the next venture.  As president, it allows me creative management to maintain the integrity of the stories I want to share.

Assurance and Insurance

Ultimately, I returned to corporate America; the insurance industry to be precise.  As a licensed agent and broker, I have enjoyed years of servicing companies and clients in the private and public sector workforce.  I have won awards and been honored to attend leader’s conferences for nearly eighteen years. 

In my parallel life of ministry, I’ve had the privilege of serving in Tecate, China, Egypt, and Uganda on mission trips.  I had the honor of serving as Chairperson for the Board of Directors for Child Evangelist Fellowship, Greater Long Beach area for many years and hosting an annual Children’s Ministry Leaders ConferenceTeachers from various churches united and received sound instruction, encouragement, and prayer.  Our gifted speakers poured into their lives as we loved on them, served them, and sent them back to their home churches equipped. 

“I have not limited myself to writing in one genre.”

Playwriting is an extension of her creative writing.  Casting, rehearsing, and watching what was a mere thought come to life is exhilarating.  My last play, Jesus Saves, packed the house to rave reviews.  Prayerfully, I have a few more opening nights in my future.

I plan to see this world God created and how people live, celebrate, survive, and flourish. 

I want my passport and heart to be stamped with love, experiences, and adventures.  

Personal details… single, no children, tons of nieces and nephews, love to travel, a delicious meal (yes, I can cook!), music, movies, theater, a good laugh, and all that jazz.   

Now, you’re all caught up!