We all love miracles.  They give us hope and allow our faith to grow. However, unless the magnitude is huge, and it impacts us specifically, it may be overlooked.  Because they are not recognized on a day to day basis, they are very special.  I assume that if they were blatantly obvious all the time, they would become common and loose the very essence of being a miracle.


Most of us have had an occasion where we hoped, wished, and/or prayed for a miracle.  You may be doing so right now.  Needing a miracle implies that something is beyond your ability to effectively create a desired change.

So, hypothetically I ask myself if I were only allotted a specific amount of miracles in my lifetime, would my current circumstances cause me to cash one of them in. Could it be that there is something that I can do to effectively change the outcome for myself?  I may need some assistance but does it have to be miraculousassistance?

Often times we feel weighed down or burdened to a point that it would just be easier if things changed immediately without our having to raise a finger.  That would be rewarding.

But there is another type of reward.  The one that comes when you take that extra step and see the difference your efforts make.  It may be draining, frustrating, time consuming, or complicated; but the value of figuring it out for yourself is priceless.

The face that looks back at you in the mirror will become one of confidence and contentment in knowing that you did it.  You really can count on you.


Who knows, you may be the MIRACLE you need.

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