Have you ever witnessed an injustice?  What was your response?  Did you jump in or turn and look for a man’s help?

We see it all the time, someone mistreating a defenseless person.  All too often we shake our head and walk away.  Is that the response you would solicit for yourself or your loved one?

When we think of standing up for someone else, we tend to think of some massive, near riotous, situation.  In fact, it may be watching an elderly person being disrespected.  It could be a larger child taking something from a smaller child.  What do you do?

What about co-workers stealing office supplies?  At what point do you assert yourself?

Let me ask another question.  What do you do when the offense is happening to you?  Why do some women feel that it is someone else’s responsibility to rescue them?  Are we still waiting for the capped crusader to show up?  The truth is there is no one more equipped to stand up for you, more effectively, than you!

If we really understood how valuable we are, we would never allow anyone to belittle, harass, or undermine our ability to impact any situation.  I am not advocating any form of violence.  Sometimes writing a letter is all it takes.   It could be as simple as not walking away.  Let your voice or your words be heard.  Let your actions be undeniable.

While none of us may be Rosa Parks, who by sitting down started the civil rights movement, we can all do something.  Remember, she wasn’t trying to be courageous, she was just tired!

We were not created to be a rose in the park that is admired just for its outer beauty. Our inner beauty, as in our courage and wisdom, should have its moments too.

Of course most of us want to be lady-like and desired and protected, but every now and then courage is spelled Y-O-U.

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