Why is it assumed that if there is any cooking to be done it should be the women?  First, let me say that many chefs are men!  Is that a skill that is prohibited from entering the home, like a leave it at work kind of thing?

Some men wouldn’t know what par is but make a mean omelet and the same could be said for women not knowing how to cook but are great putters.

When we think of sports enthusiast we most often think of men.  The roles of men and women have so evolved and yet our thinking has remained stagnant.

Women can play golf, basketball, soccer, tennis, and drive Indy cars.  Some have the NFL Sunday package.  Some have season seats for football and/or basketball.  Some of us go to the early service Sunday morning to get home in time for kickoff.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be treated like women.  We may still require you to open our doors but that door may be attached to the stadium or the club house.

Yes, we can cook but that’s not all we can do.

We are versatile.  We are competitive.  We are fierce.

Want to know more?????   Let’s chat later……. Just not when the game is on.

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