A few years ago I experienced a situation where I was the victim of a home invasion.  Well, that’s what it was in my mind.  A man burst into my home, through a window, and assaulted me in my living room at 3:00 A.M.  I was sure it was a crime!  However, I was told that because this person jumped out of a moving car in which he was “spooked” that somehow his action was justified.  The fact that he never asked for help but instead grabbed me and tussled with me covering me in his blood and splattering it all over my home was okay because, as the deputy stated, “I wasn’t hurt”.  Apparently I needed to have been severely injured or murdered for it to matter.  He didn’t steal anything so it wasn’t a robbery.  She even thought it would be best to just resolve everything right then so she contacted his parents and invited them to join us.  This is not a crime scene and I am not a victim so let’s just get it over with.  In fact the deputy decided that it didn’t even warrant writing a report.

Now, let me add a few details.  I am a Black women and the home owner.  The non-invited person that forcibly entered my home is a 29 year old white male.

Is he the first cousin, once removed, of this deputy or someone in the department?  Perhaps it’s police misconduct.  Maybe it’s just plain racism.  I am not sure exactly what it is but of this I am clear, IT IS WRONG!

Do we have to choose to be anti- law enforcement to be pro justice?  I certainly hope not.

I lived and therefore, I will not be silent.

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