Valor 2 Victory – Removing the Drama from Your Trauma

Trauma, trauma, trauma! I wish I could say this book is fiction but it is not. I wish my own story was not a part of it.  As I was going through the hurt, pain, and confusion of my ordeal I asked God what was I supposed to learn.  I believe He answered by giving me a greater sensitivity to those who have suffered silently.  I am compelled to offer this series as a vehicle for them to be heard.  I also wanted to provide solutions to those who stand with them and struggle with what to do. This is the…

Valor 2 Victory – Reviews

This book has people talking and listening.  Check out a few of them tomorrow.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. In a few instances, without even realizing it, I audibly responded to intense and hopeful moments of these stories.  If you have an untold story, this may be your first step in Removing the Drama from Your Trauma. Pastor Kenneth Mulkey – Author of Run to Win Just a note to thank you for your book, Valor 2 Victory.  As the victim of an attempted invasion a few months ago, the book resonated we with me that…

Bible Story Book

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