Victor ~ Christian Mosby

I first met Christian’s mom through a mutual friend.  He introduced us because we were both writing books.  She also happens to be an amazing editor.  She became my sister.   Once I met Christian, we were instantly connected at the hip.  She is brave, smart, and beautiful.  Her wisdom always astounds me.  I am now Aunt Viv to her and she is my mini me.  Her story is Off Campus.  In the book it says the victor is anonymous.  I am so glad she has decided to come forward.

Victor ~ Eric Ross

This is one of the most generous and kind men I know.  We were introduced by a colleague when I was looking for someone in the financial services arena.  He became my friend and brother.  We served on a board together for a children’s ministry organization and he is on my board.  Eric is somewhat private so I had to persuade him a bit to share his inconceivable story.   He says he’s glad he did. So am I. This guy will always be tops on my list. Eric’s story is The Missing Part.

Victor ~ Shan Fiske

I first noticed this brilliant woman at a conference. I remember being impressed by her questions.  I introduced myself and she allowed me to join her for lunch.  We quickly became friends and later worked together.  While walking on the beach in Monarch Bay, she told me her story.  When I decided to write this book we met at Fashion Island, ordered hot chocolate and turned on the recorder.  Knowing Shan now, I can see that she has always been a woman of great strength and wise beyond her years.  I am still impressed and honored that today I call…

Victor ~ Trisha Mann-Grant

We met through a mutual friend many years ago and had a mutual fondness. Trisha is as kind as she is gentle.  When I discovered she had experienced this horrific ordeal I was stunned.  I knew her sharing this story would help many people.  The courage and quick decisions of this former beauty queen saved her life.  As she described the incident, the details just flowed from her.  I could see it happening as she described it.  Not surprising since she is an actor and author.  She is a compassionate and sincere friend. Trisha’s story is Unwanted Passenger.